On this page you will find testimonials from Geert Hofstede and several former clients.

To whom it may concern:

As Bob Waisfisz has been off-line for some time, he has asked me to write a recommendation, which I herewith do with pleasure on the 23 of April 2019. I have worked with Bob for about 20 years during my tenure at Accenture. I first met Bob when I was working in Europe in a role called “West Europe marketing.” I was hoping that I would learn how to communicate internally across borders. I completely underestimated what I would learn! Bob’s approach to cultural understanding has had a profound effect on the way I work, so much so that I brought Bob in many times over the years for organizational training. And I have not been the only one within Accenture who asked him to help us out, whether in the States, in Europe or in Asia.

What I appreciate most is how Bob’s approach looked well beyond the superficial and explored the reasons why people may react a certain way in certain situations. The result is an ability to make an informed decision – especially when working with a multi-national team or working in other countries.

Bob is a delightful person – who can work with any group – from the employees to the senior leadership of our organization. I have no hesitation recommending him and his work.

Michele C. Ruane
Corporate Marketing

To whom it may concern:

Bob Waisfisz has provided services to Accenture (former Andersen Consulting) for a number of years. He started in the context of Intercultural Management. These workshops and presentations helped significantly to raise awareness about communication challenges in general and across cultural boundaries in particular. He helped our German speaking practices in Austria, Switzerland and Germany to deal with these challenges caused by the intention to create a real global acting firm in order to provide seamless services to our global clients.
In addition, Bob became my personal coach, when I was running a group of 30 partners from all over the world. He helped me building a team from a group of individuals from more than 10 nationalities including Europe, North-America and Asia/Pacific. We had bottom line responsibility for all projects in the transportation and travel services industries, which represented 200 Mio $/Year fee volume.

I enjoyed working with Bob very much, he was extremely effective and efficient. He helped me, as an analytical and technical driven person to understand the importance of soft skills and he did this in a very systematic and convincing way.

I can strongly recommend Bob in most change related areas.

Thomas Köhler
Former Head of Accenture Austria, Switzerland & Germany