Bob WaisfiszBob Waisfisz, born in 1942 in The Hague, the Netherlands, is an economist who has worked for the ILO, a UN organization, NGO’s, governments and industry. He spent his childhood in Indonesia and after graduation from the university of Amsterdam, he worked several years in Turkey and Lebanon. Since then, his work has taken him to around 60 countries on missions and assignments in such areas as crisis management, evaluations, inspections and change management.

Endowed with entrepreneurial gifts, he has established organizations and companies ranging from importing arts and crafts to management training.
As Director of a Postgraduate Management Training Institute associated in the 1970s with the Technical University of Delft, he gained detailed knowledge of management styles in all their forms.

In the late 1980s, he set out to develop quick scans to measure actual and optimal organizational cultures, based on additional research conducted by Geert Hofstede. To assist management consultants in supporting their clients to meet their objectives, he constructed a fully integrated tool kit that is used by organizations in all branches on the 5 continents to match their culture with their strategy.

Bob is an avid speed skater (his Dutch self) , skier (his mountainous non-Dutch self), swimmer and fitness adept. He also likes dancing, playing the piano, landscaping and gardening, drawing and reading. As he enjoys his social side of life on top of it all, he sometimes feels bewildered and wonders whether one life is sufficient and whether reincarnation could be a sweet way to cope with so many predilections.